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Collaborative Projects
By Terry Freedman
Created on Thu, 9 Oct 2008, 06:57

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poll.jpgWhy should schools set up collaborative student projects, especially internationally?

What are the difficulties, and how can they be overcome?

Which tools are the best to use for such projects, and how successful are such projects -- from both a student and teacher point of view?

If you have been involved in such projects, it would be great to hear your views. If you're a teacher, perhaps you could ask your students to complete this survey too? Here are some important facts about the survey:

1. E-safety issue: I do not need students' names: that field is optional. The email address is also optional.

2. I am conducting this survey specifically to inform an article I've been commissioned to write. It would be good to be able to include interesting quotes and references to collaborative projects.

3. I will share the results of the survey on this website in due course.

4. The survey shouldn't take long than ten minutes at the most to complete.

I hope to hear from you via the survey. There's a lot of good practice going on "out there", and there is no need for people to keep reinventing wheels -- let's learn from each other!

The survey may be found here.



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