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Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
Computers in Classrooms June 2008

Here's the latest issue of Computers in Classrooms -- in Word rather than
PDF format because the latter didn't have hyperlinks. Hopefully I will
sort that out for next time!

The main article is about video on demand, plus details of Blippr and book
discounts, and other stuff.

Here is the full list of articles:

  • ICT in Education goes mobile
  • Editorial
  • by Doug Belshaw
  • Leadership survey
  • Competition
  • Blippr
  • Book discounts
  • Flip Video
  • Video on demand


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Mon, 30 Jun 2008, 22:54

Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
"Technology's Promise and Me", "MySpace and I, What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. Second Edition: 20% off for subscribers to "Computers in Classrooms"

The publishers, Palgrave, have kindly offered to give subscribers to "Computers in Classrooms" a 20% discount off these books. At the moment, this offer applies all over the world except for the USA and Canada -- but we're hoping that that will be changed soon.

You'll see from the prices given in the Amazon UK boxes above that it's possible to buy two of those books at much lower prices. Apparently, those are ones sold by individual people rather than by Amazon itself, a bit like eBay. I went through the process of placing an order, and discovered that after postage was taken into account, there's very little difference in the total price if you buy two or three of the books including Technology's Promise, which is hardback.

Of course, if you live in a country that doesn't have an Amazon, you may find that the international postage costs charged by the Amazon resellers wipes out the price differential completely.  Personally, I'd buy direct from Palgrave and be done with it, wherever you live. I do have a vested interest in saying that (and so do you, potentially) which is that if companies like Palgrave offer such generous discounts and people don't take advantage of the offer, they may stop making them! The offer lasts until 30th October 2008.

I'm in the process of reading these books, so full reviews will be available as soon as possible. However, I have drawn on Technology's Promise and Me, MySpace and I in this article. They're both very interesting and very readable.

If you subscribe to Computers in Classrooms, click the link in the title to find out how to obtain the 20% discount. Otherwise, why not subscribe? It's free, and a great read, which means it's excellent value for money!


Fri, 13 Jun 2008, 16:39

Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
Computers in Classrooms April 2008

The April edition of Computers in Classrooms is now available online. Here's what it contains:


Reflections on BETT  

My views on the recent BETT show, including my take on the new features of the show, such as the debates, and some of the new products available. This includes preliminary reviews of some 2Simple software and Softease's Honeycomb. 

Meeting Michael Marland   

Michael Marland is a well-respected educationalist and author in the UK, and I had the privilege of meeting him a few months ago.      

Next Generation Learning   

Becta recently launched a new website to grab the interest of parents and others to support the use of ICT in schools. I interviewed the TV presenter and broadcaster Johnny Ball about this new development. This is a transcript of the interview.   

School Leadership   

It's been established that the quality of school leadership is a key influence on the quality of the ICT provision in a school. I attended a conference on school leadership which had presentations from many interest groups, including the private schools sector and students. In this article I summarise what was said and attempt to apply the discussions to the leadership of ICT in schools today.   

Computers In The Classroom. With Or Without Them, Russians Do Not Seem To nikolaenko_elena.png Be Enthusiastic About Learning Foreign Languages   

Russian reader Elena Nikolaenko discusses the use of computers to teach foreign languages in Russian schools.   

The Russian Version

The same article, in its original Russian!

Book Review: Blogwild!   

Can a business book on blogging be of any use to teachers. Read this review to find out.   

Book Review: ICT: Inside The Black Box   

This book goes through assessment for learning techniques that may be used in ICT. Is it any good?

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Sat, 31 May 2008, 10:59

Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
Computers in Classrooms: December 2007 edition
Computers in ClassroomsUPDATED In this extended edition we have news and views from around the world, and contributions from Peggy George, Fiona Aubrey-Smith and Dai Barnes.

Articles featured:
  • All change in England and Wales: the new secondary curriculum  

  • Just how much knowledge should a teacher have?  

  • Social networking from a teenís perspective  ( updated stats)

  • Save kidsí TV  

  • The personal optimized learning environment  

  • Features of outstanding ICT lessons  

  • Boring the kids into submission  

  • An educational computing conference with a difference  

  • Some thoughts about NECC.

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Tue, 18 Dec 2007, 12:01

Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
Computers in Classrooms latest issue: a social networking survey, using iPods in Religious Education lessons, coal-mining, Flashmeeting, and much, much more

Computers in Classrooms, October 2007The latest issue of Computers in Classrooms is now available and contains articles on the following subjects:

  • A news update, including the chance to get your students to take part in a survey about social networking, and a prize draw.

  • FlashMeeting in Education -- a wonderful tool for holding online meetings with text, video and audio. Paul Harrington explains. Plus a chance to take part in a meeting.

  • Boring the kids into submission  -- the title speaks for itself, and in any case it's too tedious to enlarge upon .

  • Whatís in a name? Cilla Pickering talks about B-learning.

  • Thereís only one thing worse than being talked about, and thatís being talked about too much -- my comments about comments.

  • Finding your way around the Educational Technology -- ICT in Education website: never get lost again.

  • Making it funky -- RE, iPods and MPs -- Paul Hopkins talks about using iPods in the Religious Education curriculum.

  • From Coal Face to Chalk Face!  Nigel Willetts started his working life as a coal miner; now he is a highly successful teacher of educational technology. What lessons did he learn from his previous career that he has brought to bear in his current one?

  • K12 Online : Off to a flying start. The first few presentations of this online conference come under the microscope.

To access it online you will need your user ID and password, as this newsletter is for subscribers only. Not a subscriber? It's free, and you can sign up here.

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Wed, 17 Oct 2007, 06:41

Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
Computers in Classrooms Latest Issue, PLUS: a new way of getting free samples
Computers in ClassroomsIn this latest edition we cover:

  • EDITORIAL (Web 2.0 project survey; Stirring it up)



Also, a new method of getting free samples. We now use the same process as for subscribing to the newsletter. That means that if you do decide to subscribe at some point in the future, you won't have to fill in your details again. Click here for details.
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Fri, 14 Sep 2007, 07:01

Computers in Classrooms : Past issues
Computers in Classrooms #28 available now!
In the latest issue I examine Ning, the community-building website.

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Fri, 6 Jul 2007, 08:42

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