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Using & Teaching Educational Technology

Review of GeekBrief TV
By Terry Freedman
Created on Thu, 23 Nov 2006, 07:20

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Cali Lewis
This is a video podcast which comes out on most working days and lasts about 5 minutes. It's fun, and it's tech, but is it any good?

As the name implies, its purpose is to provide details and mini-reviews of interesting gadgets and developments. It comes more into the technology category than the educational one, although anyone involved in education will find it useful to keep abreast with potentially useful kit to use in the classroom.

I've found this show to be quite useful -- not consistently every day, but as it is so short I don't begrudge spending 5 minutes watching it even when none of the items leaps out at me as being especially relevant.

I do find, though, that the presenter, Cali Lewis (not her real name, but the name she has adopted for the purposes of the podcast), is just a bit too bubbly and giggly for my liking. Don't get me wrong: she's friendly, pleasant and quite humorous sometimes. It's just that, being a Brit, I'd prefer to be miserable!

In fact, being rather more serious, the same people did what they called a radio show, ie an ordinary audio podcast, and Ms Lewis spends so much of the time giggling it is positively distracting.

It's great to see the boring old gender stereotypes being challenged by having a show presented by a woman who is a self-confessed geek. In view of reports that women are still under-represented in the world of information technology, this is not a bad thing.

In terms of quality, the show is very professionally produced. For example, a green screen is used when the occasion demands it -- this is a device used to separate actors/presenters from their surroundings, so that you can place them on a different background, for instance. Also, an autocue is used, which means that the show is scripted, and at the end they show out-takes, which seems to be de rigueur  these days.

You can subscribe via iTunes and other sources: see for further details.

A variation of this review first appeared in Micro Mart.

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