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Computers in Classrooms

Announcement: Briefing on ICT in the Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum
By Terry Freedman
Created on Mon, 4 May 2009, 23:04

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girlsatcomputer.jpgRather than respond immediately to the publication of the Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum, I have looked at the report and some additional documentation, and produced a Computers in Classrooms Briefing as a result.

In the briefing, I have summarised the main points of the documentation in terms of information and communications technology (ICT), and added my own comments. I hope that this will prove to be useful for colleagues as a basis for discussion and as a handy summary of the proposed changes.

The briefing also includes a comparison of the current Level Descriptors for ICT and the proposed changes to them. I find it inconvenient to keep flipping from one document to another in order to compare the two versions of each statement, and if you have a similar opinion then you should find this combination of the two sets quite useful I know I do!

At the time of writing, there is a consultation in place to enable us to give feedback on the report, and I would urge you to do so. From what I've seen, response rates seem quite low to me, and happen to think that if we're given the opportunity to have our say then we should take it. And if we're not given the opportunity to have our say then we should make it!

Finally, colleagues working in countries other than England and Wales will not find this briefing directly useful, but I hope that it will provide food for thought nonetheless.

Table of contents

    * Abbreviations used   
    * From the Ministerial Statement   
    * From the Overview   
    * From the full report   
    * Proposed National Curriculum changes   
    * Table comparing the current and proposed Level Descriptors for ICT   
    * Conclusions   
    * Important links and references   
    * Further reading   

To obtain this Briefing, subscribe to Computers in Classrooms, which is free. Please see the Computers in Classrooms Information Page.

The Briefing will be sent out to subscribers at 09:45 British Summertime on 5th May 2009.

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