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I become a radio star...
By Terry Freedman
Created on Tue, 20 Jan 2009, 10:53

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podcastingI was contacted by Russell Prue last month. Russell Prue is, as he calls himself, an ICT evangelist, and has been around on the UK scene for a very long time. He asked me if I'd like to be interviewed on his radio programme.

Being an ardent self-publicist, and always willing to spread the good news about educational ICT, I readily agreed, and you can listen to the results here.

What struck me when I was listening to the programme was how professional it all sounded: you'd think you were listening to a "proper" radio programme. So I did a bit of delving on Russellís website, and discovered that Russell uses a one-stop shop system called Synergy. This is, in fact, the very same system that was chosen for a number of primary schools in a project I've been involved in (I wrote the original bid which secured £400,000 of government money, and am now writing up the evaluation report. The outcomes have been wonderful and marvellous.)

Russell actually runs live training days with students in schools, ie he will work with a school to produce a live radio programme of an event such as Sports Day. Afterwards the school will have a podcast of the proceedings which they could disseminate to parents, say.

Sounds great, and I have in fact recommended Russell to a local authority I work with. Incidentally I am not receiving any kind of kickback from mentioning this.

For more details, go here.

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